About Us


The FridgeBuddy is designed for residential use and was created using the same concept as our commercial product “The Ecoroq Filter.” Both of which contain a 100% Natural mineral that has the ability to double the shelf life of produce, reduce shrinkage of meats, absorb excess moisture, eliminate ethylene gas, and harmful bacteria.


Ecoroq is an affiliation between three companies: Anamac Inc, Ecoroq USA Inc, and Ecoroq International Inc.


Anamac Inc has the sole distribution and manufacturing rights to the mineral Guerite. Anamac Inc is the exclusive owner of the mining rights for Guerite at a mine in Nevada, USA. This is the only known source of Ecoroq Mineral in the world!


Currently, “The Ecoroq Filter” is being used all over the world in colleges, elementary, middle and high schools, restaurants, bakeries, hospitals, country clubs and florists. For more information visit ecoroq.com 


Larry Adams is President of Ecoroq, USA Inc. and Anamac Inc.

Guerite, the mineral in The Fridge Buddy, is only known to exist at our mining facility in the Mojave Desert. Guerite was formed over millions of years and is the only known substance to naturally stabilize humidity levels as well as absorb odor, bacteria, and mold.


6 Month Supply