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**Shipping in United States only

    Excluding HI, AK, & PR**

Your Fridge Buddy will last for 6 months!

After 6 months we recommend replacing your Fridge Buddy with a new one due to the amount of bacteria it has absorbed.

Simple, safe, and easy to use

The Fridge Buddy comes in a package of three. Place one on the shelf, one in the crisper, and one in the freezer.


Activate the mineral by standing The Fridge Buddy upright in the microwave and heating on high for 30 seconds. 

Allow to cool for 1 minute and place one Fridge Buddy upright on the top shelf of your fridge, one inside of the crisper, and one in the freezer

Note: After 30 days revitalize your Fridge Buddy by repeating the previous steps. We recommend that you replace your Fridge Buddy with a new one every six months to ensure best results

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