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keep food fresher longer
keep food fresher longer

This diagram shows contaminated particles attaching to water molecules as they travel through The Fridge Buddy. The unique 100% nature mineral inside traps the contaminated particles, and then releases purified particles when conditions become too dry.

Research & Testing

Independent testing by the Department of Geology at the University of South Florida and University of Georgia demonstrated the FridgeBuddy’s ability to absorb ethylene gas and moisture – and the effect that ability has on the shelf life of perishable food.


More than 2,300 hours of testing at the University of South Florida determined that the active ingredient in Fridge Buddy absorbs up to 5% of its weight in ethylene gas and up to 48% of its weight in water.


In summarizing its findings, the USF Dept. of Geology stated that “this product is safe, reliable and highly effective at removing water (humidity) and ethylene gas from refrigerators. This will result in better energy efficiency, longer shelf life of food and floral products, reduction of odor, reduction of mold, mildew and bacteria, which thrive in high humidity environments.”

keep food fresh longer
Simple, safe, and easy to use


Activate the mineral by standing The Fridge Buddy upright in the microwave and heating on high for 30 seconds. 

Allow to cool for 1 minute and place one Fridge Buddy upright on the top shelf of your fridge, one inside of the crisper, and one in the freezer

Note: After 30 days revitalise your Fridge Buddy by repeating the previous steps. We recommend that you replace your Fridge Buddy with a new one every six months to ensure best results


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