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What Fridge Buddy customers have to say

Vegetarian Times Magazine

"Tired of opening the fridge to find droopy carrots and limp lettuce? The Fridge Buddy can fix that!" 

Taste Of Home Magazine

"It keeps greens fresher and vegetables crisper, plus inhibits growth of mold on berries, cheese, and other foods. Foods in my drawer were noticeably fresher over a period of days."

Southern Living Magazine

"We recently tried a new product that we like (The Fridge Buddy.) It holds a mineral that ensures a drier, fresher environment for the refrigerator."

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  • 100% Natural

  • Keeps food fresh longer

  • Reduces ethylene gas

  • Eliminates harmful bacteria

  • Removes bad odors

  • Completely recyclable 

  • Safe and easy to use

  • Prevents cross-contamination

  • Absorbs excess moisture

  • Saves money

Key Benefits

"When you gave me The FridgeBuddy I was very skeptical as to what your product was capable of doing ...I must state, however, that everything you told me your product would do has come true.


Your product has eliminated odors; perishable foods have a longer shelf life, and it has forced me to adjust my temperature control to a higher setting.

This is the first time that we have used any product that has done what it claims to "


Wayne K. Dameworth, Uniontown, Ohio

Ginger C.

"My refrigerator has never been so cold or smelled so fresh!" 

Janet Owen

"My strawberries lasted 20 days!"

Tom Takapuna

"Strong fridge odors, especially garlic dishes, seem to permeate into offensive kitchen odors – what a difference the Fridge Buddy makes."

Rachel Albany

"With three kids leaving tops off everything, the fridge stinks – well, it used to. Fridge Buddy has been brilliant at keeping smelly odors away."

Elisa Milford

"My salads and greens last so much longer now. Thank you Fridge Buddy for saving me money."

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