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FOOD HACKS: 3 Simple Ways To Keep Food Fresh Longer

We all love food hacks that make life easier around the kitchen. Here are 6 ways to keep your food fresh longer.

1. Bananas:

Store bananas on the countertop and cover the crown of a bananas (where the stems meet) in a plastic bag. This will allow them to lasts 3-4 days longer!

2. Potatoes:

Potatoes last longer in a cool, well ventilated place. Cold temperatures below 50 degrees F cause the potatoe's starch to convert to sugar which expedite the browning.

3. Lemons:

Seal lemons in a plastic bag and store them in your refrigerator! Lemons look great sitting on the kitchen counter but that is actually the worst way to store them. Stored in a sealed plastic bag in the fridge, lemons can last FOUR times as long!

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